Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Concentration #9

Starting this project I was portraying an oil spill type of problem. Since there are so many animals currently dying in oceans and bays because of this world spread problem I wanted to make a point of it. I chose an octopus because as much as we see animals getting hurt we don't see certain animals that are deep in the ocean. Yet, they are extremely effected as well. 

It was a lot of fun because of the bubbles in the tentacles as well as drawing out the tentacles around the barrel. I had outlined everything in pencil so I could eventually erase the outline to create a more abstract effect. I set the oil can to spill out instead of just holding it so that the art would show how this stuff "floats" in the water and kind of takes place of what ever had been in its place before. 
On this picture (below) you can see how i used the same technique on the oil as I did on the tentacles and octopus's body. As I said, the oil takes the place of what had been there because it covers everything us to the point where its no longer recognizable. I put bubbles on the top coming out of the oil can so it would tie in with the sticker pads on the octopus. The rust on the can was kind of hard for me to get since i wanted all the colors to be light and fluffy feeling.

You can't see it that well in this picture but I added a light blue watercolor background that gets darker as it gets closer to the bottom. The hardest part of this project was definitely the value on the sticker pads on the octopus. They were very tedious and difficult but I think they turned out really well. All together, I loved the way this project turned out.  

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