Friday, January 16, 2015

Concentration #2

This is the second choice project I did and it is part of my concentration. The world problems that are being portrayed in this piece is pollution, captivity, and the idea of too much "city". How I tried to portray pollution is I made everything man made black or gray to stand for being gross or toxic. Then I showed captivity as the dolphin being surrounded by buildings which are slowly taking over whatever small, beautiful life style the animal had previous to our invasion. The idea of too much "city" is obviously shown by buildings pressed against eachother in a small area, packed tightly. 

First, I started with just the dolphin since it was going to be one of the focal points. I did this whole project in charcoal to get more of a grimy effect for the buildings and dolphin being held in "captivity". I then chose to do water color for the water the dolphin was in and the water the buildings were pushing up when they arose from the water to show how no matter how bad things get, beautiful things always preserver. 

I added value to give it a realistic effect to the buildings but that took forever to get it even on both sides and go around all the windows and doors. I liked it at this point but new none of the values were dark enough. 
Here I added more value and started putting in the water color. My idea was to have water dripping off the top and some collected in a small pool at the top for the buildings to look like they grew straight up out of the dolphins home. 
Here is the finished piece. I added pen to the corners of the buildings and below the dolphin to give it all a richer feel. I also added it to the buildings that were under water to make them a lot darker than the rest but not as dark as the sky. I colored the sky completely black for a good contrast and it also gave the idea of a mucky sky along with the whole pollution topic. I really enjoyed doing this project and I like the way it turned out and what it stands for. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

#7 Landscape

For my landscape I went back and forth between countless pictures trying to figure out something I could do that meant something to me and wouldn't be boring. I wanted to try and do water since I never have with oils but I didn't want it to be a typical ocean beach picture. I chose to do a picture from Russia that my friend took when he was traveling. It was out of a train going through the heart of Russia on his trip last summer. I knew it would be difficult because every thing up close was so blurry because the train was moving so I had to improvise a bit with the grass and road. 
First I just sketched out where everything would go and did a wash on the road and started the water. I didn't want to do a wash where the water went because some areas were so light which I regretted afterwards but whatever. Now I  know I should always add one. 

Next I finished the water and added a highlight on the center-left area as that is where the sun was hitting in the picture. I put some colors down on the mountains to start. It was hard because in the picture the sun was coming from behind so the mountains got darker as you came closer. I did it on a sketch and it looked totally wrong so I just did the mountains darker as they went back and ignored the picture. 

My least favorite thing about this project was definitely the green grass. It was so blurry because the train moving. I didn't really know how to tackle it. I tried to add as much value in the green grass as I could but didn't really know where to start or how to make it look real because the picture was so blurry. I liked this project okay over all but the only thing I was really happy with was the water. 

# 6 mechanical

When we got told we were doing a mechanical project I couldn't be more nervous. I had never done or even thought of doing anything steampunk-like. The topic was making something organic into mechanical. So I came up with the idea to change an animal to something mechanical or man made that barely resembles the original animal. I went through tons of ideas of animals including birds, butterflies, deer and others. I ended up going with an elephant because of the space in its ears I could use for whatever I wanted and it resembled a gas mask from previous wars pretty well and I really liked the idea. 

I started by doing the "body" so everything except the ears. Doing the trunk was one of my favorite parts of this project because of the way it ended up. I added bullets to the face to act as tusks. 

I began by buy putting gears from the inside of a clock or something like that into the ears to fill the space. I tried to vary size and color as much as I could so it wouldn't look too repetitive. I chose charcoal for this project because I had never used it before and wanted to give it a shot. I also decided to try sketching new because I was creating something that I never had done before either. I'm glad I did because it's one of my favorite mediums now. 

I decided to crop the picture where the elephant head wasn't in the middle of the paper. 

I was done with the elephant and it was cropped but it didn't look close to done. I liked the value you could see in all of the white places and im really happy with the color of paper I chose. 

Since it needed more, I just decided to add more elephants and nothing new. I added three at the bottom scattered around. I really was happy with the final for so many reasons including the fact I did four objects (not an odd number) and it still turned out really cool. This is my favorite project I've ever done and I really hope to continue using the mechanical theme. 

#9 Animal

 When we got told we had to do an animal project I new immediately what I wanted to do. I have a deer mounted in my living room and I've been wanting to do a project with it. I didn't really know what medium to do because of the fur being so short but I wanted it to be different than most animal portraits so I was thinking water color. I sketched it out in pencil first but I didn't take a picture of that. After it was sketched I added light colors where the darkest spots had to go so I would know where to add the most color or shading at the end. 

So this picture is when I finished the water color part of it. The antlers were difficult to do because of all the shading and different colors in such a small area with water color. I liked the way the whole piece itself looked though. For the background I just did a green wash type of pattern to stand for grass or a field or wherever a deer might be naturally, not on my wall. The picture below is the project done once I added prisma pencils to add texture to the fur in the thicker places and then details to the face and antlers. I really enjoyed doing this project but I do wish I could be better at prisma pencils because I don't really like where I used them for the fur. Overall, I like the way it turned out. My favorite part is the bottom right where the dark fur is but I did most of the fur strokes with a paint brush there so I think that could be why I like the way they look better. 

Concentration #1

This is my first choice project and I got to go ahead and start on my concentration. My concentration is the goal to portray real world problems in my art through the use of mechanical and organic organisms & objects. The big problem I chose for this specific one, is smoking. Over 50% of my family smokes or uses tabacoo and I hate it so I thought I would do a piece on it. Too many people are getting sick because of this God awful substance. It, like so many other hatful things, is man made. This is the idea behind things being mechanical in my work. If things are man made, they can't be completely harmless no matter what people tell you because they are UNATURAL. 

To start off my project I drew a set of lungs to create one (left) to be a healthy, natural lung, untouched by any man made substance. It has a tree in it to stand for trees that give us oxygen to breathe and without them we wouldn't be. So I could spin some deforestation off of this too! Then, another (right) to be a smokers lung who has given in to so many temptations for whatever reason. 

I began filling in empty spaces in the lungs with gears and what not in the right lung with black and white charcoal pencil and blended it. Then on the "healthy" lung I used prisma pencils to do the bark for the tree inside and then watercolor for the leaves and rest of the lung. 

It looked very good to me, but not complete. It needed something more. I thought about doing a full spine all the way down the back but decided against it because I didn't think it would look that different or take up enough space. 

So I decided to start another part of the human anatomy- the ribs. I began by making sure they matched up across from eachother and then started filling them in. I used solid black for the "dead" lung because it's so dark and made the lung pop and I think it's just what it needed. Then i used brown to work on the other one to make it still dark but a little bit more suttle. 

To finish off the project, I added water color spouting out the top and dripping down the bottom to allow movement since the piece was previously so restricted. I'm extremely satisfied with how it turned out. 

I was very happy with my finished project and I think it turned out very well. It was extremely different than what I had anticipated it being like when it was done but I liked it more than my original idea. I hope that the message behind it is seen by everyone who looks at it. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

#11 Bow

When I first found out that we had to do prisma color now drawings, I cried a little. I never have used prisma colored pencils before this class and the one time I did use them I didn't like the end result at all. 

When I started the bow I was so frustrated as I could not get it to blend right and look like the bow was curving or had highlights or anything. I put it away for a week and didn't even look at it. Then I took a different approach after watching a couple you tube videos and watching My class mates work on theirs. I layed down the white first and went over it with my lightest color next and progressively got darker. Only to add white again at the end. I had to force myself to be patient with it because of all the layering that it requires. 

When I started to get the hang of it, I really couldn't wait to finish it. I chose to only do one bow so I could make it really big and add a lot of detail to it. I occurs the blue and purple for my colors because it wasn't on the original picture and I didn't think anyone else would do it. I liked the way it was looking after finishing about half of it but knew it would need something more than just the bow. 

So, I added a ribbon. I wanted it to look like this was directly on top of a box so I didn't add perspective or anything to the ribbon. Only highlights and shadows. 

This is the picture I put on the website for the prisma colored pencil contest and I really like how it photographed. I like the background a lot and I think the bow itself is pretty good. I'm very happy with how this turned out and I'm proud to say I don't completely dislike prisma colors now even though I didn't like how long it took and how many layers were required. 

#5 self portrait

For my self portrait, I felt like doing something more abstract. People are so self conscious now a days that I feel like not many people are confident enough with themselves or their artistic abilities  to do a detailed self portrait. I chose to do more of a pop theme with blocks of color rather than lines with the water color. I did this to represent how the little things don't matter as much as the whole piece. I chose this photo of myself to do because In it I was fixing my hair and stressing out over something small which is how most of my life goes so I figured it would be good for a self portrait. To get all aspects of myself portrayed as possible. 

The wood was my favorite part to do on this project because of how it pops out (like Pop art kind of) and it was fun to do. I chose water color for this project because I didn't want it to look really like me even though it's a self portrait or anything to look realistic. I used pen a little bit on my dress to make it stand out more from the other Brown and neutral colors. I did all brown, black, and mustard colors for my "inner" self portrait. I'm a laid back person generally and I enjoy everything to blend in and stay calm. 

I really liked how the pen turned out on my dress because the dress in the first place was stripped but I didn't want it to be exact so I did a gray wash and then added value with the pen in lines on the edges and where the darkest areas were. I also put pen in the hair as well to create a textured effect so it didn't look flat. The water color couldn't generate the same look as the pen unless I used straight black paint and even then the lines weren't as prominent. 

The hand in my hair was a pain to paint because my fingers were in my hair and made them look like little stubs which was very irritating. So that's my least favorite part and something I probably need to work on. 

I did like how this project turned out but if I have more time in the future or came back to it I would add more to the background maybe and try and fix my hand. But that will take lots of practice. All in all, I think I portrayed my physical appearance as I wanted as well as my emotional and interior self though the colors I chose and expression on my face.