Thursday, September 12, 2013

United in Difference

For text as an element, I used different languages all saying the same thing to try an make a point. As the border for each continent is the main language saying "United in difference". I wrote this because no matter how much people think everyone is different, we are all human; no one is perfect and no one is better than another. I decided to use water color because I didn't want to do anything crazy, I wanted the words to stand out. Plus, I like water color. I do think I took a risk because at first, this was all on one paper and it was water colored blue. I thought to cut up all the pieces and do layers with paper to try and get rid of empty space and because I didn't really LOVE the end result. Then, I decided to pit the continents together, to unite them as one-pangea. I thought this fit very well with my united in difference theme. It came together much better taking the risk than without.