Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Concentration #3: Domestic violence

There are just some things that everyone agrees on. Any religion, any state, both political parties, everyone would agree that domestic violence is a HUGE no-no. If someone could look at these pictures without flinching, I would honesstly be concerened.

How I went about creating this masterpiece on Hannah Bush was I just used makeup. I used deep purples and reds to create the effect of fresh bruises and then greens and yellow.

I love all of these pictures so much, I wish I could just turn in the photos not the actual project. Hannah being beat up really scared me because its okay.

The challenges for this project was definitely finding the right lighting to talk the pictures on. I took like 200 photos to make sure I had good lighting and angles.

I really wish I couldv'e just left the pictures how they were before but I had to arrange them somehow so i decided a piece of work since it is basically what the house is made of. I then used certain phrases people are CURRENTLY using to hide up when the parents threaten and hurt their kids or when a significant other is in a violent relationship with you. I put the photos in a line down the wood with the quotes underneath.

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