Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Concentration #5

In this idea, I wanted to show dead skeletons of sea creatures. These are corals or something like them after they deteriorate and die. I chose to do this on scratch-board because i had never done it before and i thought it would look really cool with the skeletons on top like that.

I practiced on and extra sheet and after I "perfected" the skeleton, I was ready to begin with the real thing.

next, I got a new piece of scratch board and drew these little sea urchin things all over it. My idea to incorporate the mechanical portion of this is to have them ginding like gears. man made the things that kill these animals on the west coast; oil spills. 

Next, I got impatient with how long everything was taking so I started just drawing out the outline of all of them. My biggest issue with this project was finding time to do it. I realized that scratch board can take a very long time if you do small details everywhere that take precision.

I have honestly never been so happy to see a project get completely done with. I can't believe how long it took. however, despite the amount of time it took, I am so happy with the end product.

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