Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Some of my ideas for this project were with a tree. I was planning on painting a skeleton of a tree on plexiglass and then cutting another piece of plexiglass into a circle and then again into wedges. After I cut it into the wedges I was going to drill a hole into the smaller end and put them all on a tube so you could turn them to see the parts of a tree at different times in the year. however, the plexiglass wasn't cutting right and I had a couple more ideas to choose from.

I chose the puzzle pieces because I wanted to do something abstract and different. I liked the idea of the interactive characteristic of my piece.  

I was going to cut actual puzzle pieces into the abstract painting but again, the plexiglass was too tough to cut that way also. so I just taped strips of the plexiglass together and painted it, then took the tape off and had strips that could be mixed up and then put together like a puzzle.

I chose to use the plexiglass over paper, plastic, and cardboard because I wanted to try and use something I hadn't before. I was curious to see what I could do with it.

the techniques I used to create this was just painting, TIME and some creativity.

 I took a risk with this project because I used the plexiglass and did something I wouldn't normally do with a medium I had never used. 
out of the five characteristics of great art I definitely had a lot of emotion and new medium in this project. I didn't really love it at first and was about to start over until it grew on me. I ended up really happy with this puzzle of wasted time.