Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Concentration #7

So, obviously, child hunger has always been a problem world wide. There's simply just not enough food and resources in some countries to feed all of the children that parents have and can't provide for. 

First, I drew a little boy (assumingly from a third world country) that you could see his ribs to show starvation and dehydration. I drew an empty bowl sitting in front of him which could represent a number of things such as, water, food, no one to care for him, no shelter, etc. He is curled up in ball and that could be taken as him being embarrassed by his physical state or curling in pain from hunger or even cold and scared. 

In this picture (below) I added the soil in and the water and wasn't very happy with it. It looked too much like the boy was sitting on the side of a river or something. At this point i thought everything needed more value and shadows.

I also added a light yellow wash in the sky that looked to me like the boy was in a desert or a barren place somewhere, which is where he would be anyway if he was starving.

A point I wanted to make with this piece is that food can be all around someone (or water) but can not be eaten or isn't in he right form. There is green grass everywhere around this little boy, yet there's nothing to eat. There is also water that looks drinkable, right underneath him, but he is dying from thirst.

The hardest part of this project was incorporating the mechanical part of everything. obviously bowls are man made and so are bricks so I tried with that but it wasn't really enough so I added more. I put black more mechanical -looking objects in the grass and then a circuit board in the soil that could be seen as a passageway for animals aka worms. My favorite part about all of this is either the boy, because I never do people or the water because I like the texture from the watercolor.

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