Thursday, December 19, 2013


 In my perspective project, I took it as how people look at their world and what their perspective is on life and the world around them. Before I started this project, I asked people how they read: LIFEISNOWHERE . The majority of people said that it read as, " life is no where" while some small children and one classmate read it as, "life is now here". so in my project, I could really find out who's glass is half empty or half full. 
 I chose to just write the letters together in block letters so it was easy to read and wouldn't take away from the idea of the viewer to not really think about what they are reading, so that it's more of an instinct. A lot of people that were reading it would say, "life is no where" and then try and correct themselves saying "life is now here" trying to decide what they wanted to say or not. However, I always looked at what they said first when I asked them what they saw in my art. I chose to paint it on wood because I liked the texture and how "lifey" it looked. 
I chose to use the gradient so people who read it as "life is no where" had the element of black but then people who read it as "life is now here" had the green to represent life and balance it out to where one color wasn't causing an impact on the viewers' decision and thought process. Towards the end of my project, I noticed the wood had a shiny element to it so I sanded everything that wasn't painted so the letters would pop more. 
What bothered me about this project is that after someone would read it in whichever way they thought it was meant to be, I told them what the other option said also, and they would say, "what is the right answer?" There is no "right" answer. There is not one specific way an individual should think about life. There isn't a certain outlook everyone should have. Everyone is different and has gone through different things in their life to get them to see the world in their own way. Everyone has their own perspective on life and that's what gives the world diversity. 


Another one of my ideas for the layering project were to do the layers of melted crayon wax on a piece of cardboard (or another type of medium that wouldn't be affected by the heat) and put all different shades of blue on it and cover the whole thing. Then, in the middle, put yellow and make a sun. 

To me, layering is a way to show everything you want to over time. I think that the layers at the bottom or underneath are just as important and meaningful as the layers that show more. I just think that the layers on top have overtaken the layers on the bottom. They can be the same thing, just maybe a new version or a different type of the same thing. I showed my interpretation of layering in my project by melting multiple layers of crayons on styrofoam balls. On some of them I put string around them after the first or second layer to then peel it off at the end to show the past layers better.

I decided to use the crayon way because I had seen people do the melted crayon wax on a canvas and let it drip and I liked how thick it looked on the canvas. I decided to use styrofoam balls because I wanted my project to be 3D and not just on a paper or canvas.

The issues I had creating this piece were that sometimes, the string would peel everything off the ones I was giving a deeper layering sense to, so I had to do it a couple of times to get it to work the way I wanted it to. The wax also didn't mix well so I had to add sort of a clear medium wax to get it to mix better.

We encourage risk taking in art. Risk taking can be as simple as trying a new technique or learning about a new medium to as complex as trying something totally new. What risks did you take creating this project? I took a big risk I think with this project because I normally do not do sculptures and I have never used any sort of wax. So, i was very nervous while in the process of making this.

Of the 5 characteristics of great art, I used the new and medium characteristics. I think my project turned out good. I like the way they sit on each other and the different colors. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Some of my ideas for this project were with a tree. I was planning on painting a skeleton of a tree on plexiglass and then cutting another piece of plexiglass into a circle and then again into wedges. After I cut it into the wedges I was going to drill a hole into the smaller end and put them all on a tube so you could turn them to see the parts of a tree at different times in the year. however, the plexiglass wasn't cutting right and I had a couple more ideas to choose from.

I chose the puzzle pieces because I wanted to do something abstract and different. I liked the idea of the interactive characteristic of my piece.  

I was going to cut actual puzzle pieces into the abstract painting but again, the plexiglass was too tough to cut that way also. so I just taped strips of the plexiglass together and painted it, then took the tape off and had strips that could be mixed up and then put together like a puzzle.

I chose to use the plexiglass over paper, plastic, and cardboard because I wanted to try and use something I hadn't before. I was curious to see what I could do with it.

the techniques I used to create this was just painting, TIME and some creativity.

 I took a risk with this project because I used the plexiglass and did something I wouldn't normally do with a medium I had never used. 
out of the five characteristics of great art I definitely had a lot of emotion and new medium in this project. I didn't really love it at first and was about to start over until it grew on me. I ended up really happy with this puzzle of wasted time.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


 I demonstrated intertextuality in this piece by changing the word vodka to the word catch. In doing this, I hoped to get the viewer to think about why anyone would possibly put fish in a bottle. I decided to pick this idea over my others becasue i wanted it to stand out, not to just be another painting of a cute puppy. I thought I could take a risk and do something everone would remember. I used a vodka bottle, photoshop, and three 15 cent golfish from petsmart to create this piece. Of the 5 characteristics of art i don't think there is a technique neccisarily, but I do think I used the "new" aspect and I think concept and empotion play a big role.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

United in Difference

For text as an element, I used different languages all saying the same thing to try an make a point. As the border for each continent is the main language saying "United in difference". I wrote this because no matter how much people think everyone is different, we are all human; no one is perfect and no one is better than another. I decided to use water color because I didn't want to do anything crazy, I wanted the words to stand out. Plus, I like water color. I do think I took a risk because at first, this was all on one paper and it was water colored blue. I thought to cut up all the pieces and do layers with paper to try and get rid of empty space and because I didn't really LOVE the end result. Then, I decided to pit the continents together, to unite them as one-pangea. I thought this fit very well with my united in difference theme. It came together much better taking the risk than without.