Wednesday, May 27, 2015


  Throughout this year in AP Art, it has been a wonderful, bumpy ride. At the beginning of the year I had previously had little to no instruction in the art room. I had no clue what a concentration was or how i was going to create 24 art pieces in 18 weeks. My lack of past instruction made everything more difficult for me to understand new techniques and ways to do things. I liked to stick with what  I was comfortable with and nothing more. Me having no one to really tell me what to do or how to do it made listening to Mrs. Rossi that  much harder as well. I'd never had an art teacher who watched me so closely or had very much interest in what I was doing. Despite us having extremely different views on most everything I did, I am extremely thankful to have learned so much from Mrs. Rossi and grown more in 18 weeks than I had in the 4 previous years in my art classes. I feel like I have evolved in many different ways thanks to my teacher and my classmates. I am no longer worried about trying new things, although I like what I like. I have a better understanding of how to create a good art piece through the media and composition which previously, I just  winged it. I will always remember how I would think I was done with a piece and Rossi would yell at me saying, "Oh no, it needs a back ground," or "Go darker in values," or "Add more". All of these things are what teachers have never said to me before. It was nice to feel like someone was interested and when it was all done (despite me probably arguing with her) I loved it. I know now why she pushes everyone to do more, it adds on to all of our pieces and makes everything we work for worth it when it works out and looks so great. I will never forget the things my first "instructional" art teacher has taught me and everything my friends have done. This is a wonderful class to grow in and experience, I'm so thankful for everything everyone has done and taught me. I will miss my art family so much next year.

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